What is MetaFaucet?

MetaFaucet is faucet rotator. We collect links to active cryptocurrency faucets and monitor them for harmful activity. We then serve the best ones up to you as fast as you can collect them.

What do I need to make MetaFaucet work?

You'll need wallets for each cryptocurrency you'd like to collect. We recommend opening a new exchange wallet on the KuCoin Exchange.

Once you have done so, use the deposit addresses from the exchange when creating micropayment wallets at each of the the payment processors listed below.

With your brand new account numbers in hand it's time to click the "Claim MetaFaucet" button. You will be shown a faucet. Enter your wallet address and click claim. You will be asked to solve a captcha and the funds will be tranferred to your wallet.

To visit the next faucet, simply refresh the page.

On your first cycle through the list you may find yourself copying and pasting your various addresses into forms. Don't worry, MetaFaucet will quickly learn what code goes where and will start filling your addresses in for you to speed the process up on consecutive times through.

Aren't faucets unsafe?

Of course offers of FREE BITCOIN come with a side order of malware and spam! We sandbox the faucets we display to block some vectors of malicious activity. We also monitor them daily for new problems. Regardless, be careful of the links you follow and make sure you use the report function to flag any suspicious activity you see.

Happy collecting!

Add the Metafaucet button to any site by including this line of html:
<iframe src="https://metafaucet.com/?button=1" frameborder="0"scrolling="no"> </iframe>

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